Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Eliminate Credit Card Debt

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When it comes to cases of insurmountable debt, credit cards are almost always involved. There are many reasons some people get caught in credit card debt because they did not understand the full impact of the interest rates offered by credit card companies. Others find themselves facing sudden emergencies that force them to pay for large items or services with their credit cards, and they simply cannot make the payments.

Relieving Debt From Credit Cards: Representation in Sandy Springs, Marietta and Throughout the Atlanta Metro Area

Whatever the reason you are facing insurmountable credit card debt, call me. Through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, I can help you stop creditor harassment and find financial freedom. Call (404) 255-8878 or contact me online.

At The Bankruptcy Law Clinic of Daniel E. Raskin, I help individuals and business owners who find themselves facing serious credit card debt. I am a Atlanta credit card debt relief lawyer with more than 20 years of experience, and I can help you.

Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Although credit cards often trap people with hidden fees and astonishingly high compounding interest rates, the good news is that most credit card debt is unsecured, which means that it can usually be discharged through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. By simply filing for bankruptcy, the “automatic stay” goes into effect. This means that credit card companies have to stop calling, garnishing wages and other forms of creditor harassment.

Consultations and Personalized Service

At The Bankruptcy Law Clinic of Daniel E. Raskin, I do more than simply file Chapter 7 bankruptcy papers for clients. I listen to my clients and provide sound legal counsel at every stage of the process:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Means test
  • Paperwork and filing
  • Chapter 7 debt liquidation

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If you are facing serious credit card debt, the best thing you can do is talk with an experienced bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible. At The Bankruptcy Law Clinic of Daniel E. Raskin, I offer free initial consultations. This can be a great resource for you if you are facing credit card debt and are considering bankruptcy.

I will sit down with you, free of charge, and talk to you about your rights and options. For many people, just talking about the possibilities takes some of the mystery out of it and provides them with a great deal of comfort and hope.

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