What Should I Bring to My First Appointment?

What Should I Bring to My First Appointment?

Following is a list of items that will be needed prior to filing your bankruptcy case.

  1. A copy of your last filed federal income tax return and the amount of your gross income for the two tax years prior to the year we file your case. Also, your year-to-date income for the year in which you are filing.
  2. Pay stubs or pay invoices showing the gross paycheck, the deductions, and the net check for the six-month period prior to the month that you anticipate filing your bankruptcy case. (Note: Pay stubs for you and your spouse, if married and not maintaining separate households, are required even if only one of you is filing bankruptcy.)
  3. A Certificate of Completion of the required Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling. There are a number of approved counseling agencies — we suggest https://www.ccadvising.com/, as we have used them frequently and successfully in the past. Their charge is $9.76 whether its a single or joint filing.
  4. As a part of our services, our office will download a three bureau credit report, which transfers directly into our bankruptcy software. If you have creditors who are not listed on your credit report, please provide their full names and complete mailing addresses. Also, list any collection agencies and lawyers who are contacting you. Bring copies of any lawsuits, IRS levies or garnishments. Bring copies of any foreclosure letters from the foreclosing attorney.
  5. If you have previously filed a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case in the bankruptcy court, please provide the case number, location and the date filed of the previous case.

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